Things have changed since Solaris 10 (and Solaris 11 Express too!) on how to properly set up a CIFS server on your Solaris 11 machine so that Windows clients can access files. There's some documentation on the changes here, but let me share the full instructions from beginning to end.
hostname: adrenaline
username: paulie
poolname: pool
mountpnt: /pool
share: mysharename
  • Install SMB server package
[paulie@adrenaline ~]$ sudo pkg install 
  • Create the name of the share
[paulie@adrenaline ~]$ sudo zfs set share=name=
mysharename,path=/pool,prot=smb pool
  • Turn on sharing using zfs
[paulie@adrenaline ~]$ sudo zfs set sharesmb=on pool
  • Turn on your smb server
[paulie@adrenaline ~]$ sudo svcadm enable -r smb/server
  • Check that the share is active
[paulie@adrenaline ~]$ sudo smbadm show-shares adrenaline
Enter password: 
c$                  Default Share
IPC$                Remote IPC
3 shares (total=3, read=3)
  • Enable an existing UNIX user for CIFS sharing (you may have to reset the password again eg.`passwd paulie` )
[paulie@adrenaline ~]$ sudo smbadm enable-user paulie
  • Edit pam to allow for smb authentication (add line to end of file)
[paulie@adrenaline ~]$ vi /etc/pam.conf

other   password required nowarn
  • Try to mount the share on your Windows machine

posted by paulie
9:17 PST - February 20, 2012