I recently needed to create a two port active:standby IPMP group to be served over Infiniband on Solaris 11. Wow that's a mouthful of terminology! Here's how I did it:

List available IB links

[root@adrenaline ~]# dladm show-ib
net5         21280001CF4C96  21280001CF4C97  1    up     FFFF
net6         21280001CF4C96  21280001CF4C98  2    up     FFFF
Partition the IB links. My pkey will be 8001.
[root@adrenaline ~]# dladm create-part -l net5 -P 0x8001 p8001.net5
[root@adrenaline ~]# dladm create-part -l net6 -P 0x8001 p8001.net6
[root@adrenaline ~]# dladm show-part
LINK         PKEY  OVER         STATE    FLAGS
p8001.net5   8001  net5         unknown  ----
p8001.net6   8001  net6         unknown  ----
Create test addresses for the newly created datalinks
[root@adrenaline ~]# ipadm create-ip p8001.net5
[root@adrenaline ~]# ipadm create-addr -T static -a p8001.net5/ipv4
[root@adrenaline ~]# ipadm create-ip p8001.net6
[root@adrenaline ~]# ipadm create-addr -T static -a p8001.net6/ipv4
[root@adrenaline ~]# ipadm show-addr
ADDROBJ           TYPE     STATE        ADDR
p8001.net5/ipv4   static   ok 
p8001.net6/ipv4   static   ok 
Create an IPMP group and add the IB datalinks
[root@adrenaline ~]# ipadm create-ipmp ipmp0
[root@adrenaline ~]# ipadm add-ipmp -i p8001.net5 -i p8001.net6 ipmp0
Set one IB datalink to standby
[root@adrenaline ~]# ipadm set-ifprop -p standby=on -m ip p8001.net6
Assign an IP address to the IPMP group
[root@adrenaline ~]# ipadm create-addr -T static -a ipmp0/v4
That's it! Final checks:
[root@adrenaline ~]# ipadm
NAME              CLASS/TYPE STATE        UNDER      ADDR
ipmp0             ipmp       ok           --         --
   ipmp0/v4       static     ok           --
p8001.net5        ip         ok           ipmp0      --
   p8001.net5/ipv4 static    ok           --
p8001.net6        ip         ok           ipmp0      --
   p8001.net6/ipv4 static    ok           --

[root@adrenaline ~]# ping is alive

posted by paulie
13:52 PST - July 10, 2013